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3D VR online quotation

  1. Only checked items will be counted.

  2. Quotations are for reference only.

  3. Precise quotation are prepared upon receiving design drawings.

  4. Discounts are not listed.

Function Description

  1. 4 sub-systems can be purchased separately or integrated into one.

  2. No monthly fees required, no additional fees for multiple copy.

  3. Full features are listed below, some require extra cost.


Urban VR


  • Nearby buildings, landmark, mall, MRT station, port

  • Free walking / viewing at any angle

  • Autoplay

  • Specific viewpoint switching

  • Road name, landmark name , landmarks highlighted.


Public amenities VR


  • Lobby / Meeting Room / Conference Room / Library / Recreation Room / Children' game room / Gym / Swimming Pool / Hall / Underground Parking...

  • Free walking / viewing at any angle

  • Interaction: Door open and close / Interactive Sound / Background Music


Exterior VR


  • Buildings, courtyard, neighborhood.

  • Free walking / viewing from any angle

  • Autoplay

  • Day/night switch


Interior VR


  • Residential interior

  • Free walking / free viewing

  • Switch material (floor/wallpaper), switch furniture (sofa/table/chair/pendulum), switch deco style 

  • Interactive sound and light

​Platform of 3D VR



  • Best image quality.

  • Default VR platform, run on Microsoft Windows 10.

  • The computer equipped with a high-end 3D graphic card.

  • Suggested display devices:

    • Large TV (flat or curved)

    • Projectors or video wall

    • High-end laptop.



  • Best portability.

  • Run on Google Android phones or tablets.

  • High-end phones or tablets are recommended.

  • Easy to carry, demo instantly without computer.

  • Full function same as Windows version.

WMR headset.png

VR headset

  • Best immersive experience.

  • Support Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) VR headset version.

  • High-end computer is recommended.

  • Support  WMR headset / HTC / Oculus

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