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Present real estate online


3DVR is the best tools to present the exterior and interior of real estate. Highly interactive, highly immersive, visualize every details of the building.

Walk anywhere

The camera is controlled in your hands.

Move smoothly

No more jump from spot to spot like 360/720 panorama does.

Real-time interaction

  • Toggle day / night

  • Turn lights ON/OFF

  • Change material

  • Switch viewpoint.

From exterior to interior

3DVR creates every details of the project, including urban environment, building exterior, public amenities, and residence interior.


Cost lower

Save coin 160px.png

3DVR costs much lower than building a physical sample house.

3D scenes are easy to copy also modify, thanks to this advantage, the second set and subsequent VR  sample house are much cheaper, which greatly saves budgets.

Built faster

Save time.png

3DVR is built faster than a physical sample house.

Without waiting for the sales office to be built first, 3DVR can be started earlier, built faster, and start selling the project earlier.

Less space required

Save space.png

A physical sample houses takes a lot of area, which makes it impossible to present all the layouts of the project in a sales office.

VR sample houses takes 0 space, no limitation on the amount of layouts displayed.

Replace sample house
with 3DVR

  • Built faster

  • Completed earlier

  • Cost lower

Replace maket
with 3DVR

  • Walk inside the maket

  • Full immersive

  • Interactive with the scene

  • Try different layout instantly

  • Switch materials instantly

Replace animation
Replace renderings

  • VR =Unlimited length of 3D animation

  • ​VR= Infinity of 3D renderings

No more
720 panorama

Walk anywhere with 3D VR

​Smooth movement with 3D VR

Versatile display hardware

Laptop / Desktop

Touch screen
TV wall

VR headsets

Versatile plateform support.jpg

Integrat with

Information board

All information in one place.


Floor planes / areas / prices

Location map / site photos

3D renderings / animations

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Site photos

Add site photo to increase realism.

  1. Take site photos

  2. Combine into panorama

  3. Integrate into VR scene

Read More >

3D scanned  data

Rebuild site with 3D scanner.

  1. On-site 3D scan

  2. Convert to 3D models

  3. Integrate into VR scene

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Our services



  • Pre-sale projects

  • High-res, apartments

  • Houses, villas

  • Resorts


3D animation

  • 3D animation

  • 360/720 animation


3D rendering

  • Marketing 3D rendering

  • 360/720 panorama

We are experienced




years in VR

years in 3D

3D projects delivered


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720 panorama
3D renderings



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