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Features of 3DVR

All in one


Urban + Exterior + Public facilities + Residential interior


VR for

  • Road and vehicle

  • Park, river

  • Government buildings

  • Commercial buildings

  • Resort, port, harbor

scene urban

VR for

  • Entrance

  • Courtyard, garden

  • Fountain, pool

  • Parking area, basement

scene exterior

VR for

  • Reception

  • Conference room

  • Fitness room, pool

  • Library

  • Entertainment room

  • Sauna, spa

scene amenities

VR for

  • ​Living room

  • ​Bedroom, dressing room

  • Kitchen, bar area

  • Bathroom, toilet

  • Terrace, balcony

scene interior

3DVR compared with
traditional sale tools

3DVR vs sample house

SampleHouse_All in 1 copy.png

No boundaries

  • Experience all type of sample house in 1 computer.

  • Switch different deco and furniture in 1 system.

  • Change material in 1 click.

Save time


Started earlier, No need for construction site preparation.
Built faster, No need for sales office construction.
Completed earlier, Start selling as early as possible with 3D VR.

Save budget


$0 on sales office construction.
Save rental, 0 space required.
80% off on sample house construction.


Sell multiple projects
in 1 showroom

Joint sales office

Sell multiple real estate projects in a place without additional spaces.

Built once,
Sell everywhere

Mobile sales office

Sell projects in multiple locations.


3D VR is a lightweight tools which can be carried and demonstrated easily, best for overseas projects.




​3DVR fully loaded with interaction, including door open/close, light turn on/off, switch material, change furnitures, try differ decor and layout.

Realistic window view


With aerial photos taken on site by drones at different heights, 3DVR can simulate realistic window views of each floor.

vs sample house



3D VR with Acer VR headset

The only possible way to view an maket (acrylic miniatures) is from above, but we cannot experience a space from a aerial view.

3D VR allows buyers to immerse themself inside the building, from neighborhood to courtyard, from reception to residential interior.

Perfect details


Limited by its size, the maket can only be viewed from a distance. If you take a close look, there is few details.

3D VR uses high-resolution textures taken from real material photos, rendered with advanced light engine,  deliver the perfect visual qualities at any distance.


Presentation on the GO.jpg

Makets are huge and heavy, make them impossible to move. 

3D VR is as lightweight as a laptop, salesman can demo anywhere, anytime, especially for the international real estate projects.

No addtional license fee


Easy to duplicate
Prior to maket, 3D VR is easy to duplicate, without additional fee, you may copy as many set as your want.

Easy to backup and restore
While maket takes a lot of space, 3D VR can be easily backup in a memery stick.

Easy to update
No re-brush or re-paint needed, the update of 3D VR is as easy as overwrite old files with new version.


Compared to the static acrylic model, 3D VR provides richer and more dynamic elements, moving cars, , walking perdestrians, dynamic trees, running water and fountains.

Also able to simulate whole day's sunlight moves.

vs maket


VR = Infinity animation


3D animations are charged according to the length of animation, longer of animations cost higher.

There is no time limit when playback 3D VR, which is equivalent to a 3D animation with an infinite length of time.

Immersive experience


3D animations can only be played on the TV screen,  the experience is limited.

3D VR can be experienced with state-of-the -art VR headset, control the viewpoint by your head and neck, walk inside the virtual scene through the body movement, interact with the scene through the VR controler.


The 3D VR technology deliver immersive experience to the house buyers.

Walk everywhere


3D animation moves on a fixed route, unable to be changed after the animation has been made.

3D VR can walk anywhere under your control, examine the building from any angle, which is crutial for complex construction project.

vs animation

3DVR vs renderings

VR = Infinity renderings

Infinity 3D renderings.jpg

The viewpoint of 3D renderings are fixed, unable to change viewpoint after the renderings are made, this will be the shortage when present to house buyer.

3D VR makes it possible to walk everywhere, and view at any angle, which is useful when salesman tour guiding to the house buyer.

The fuction of 3D VR is like creating an infinite view of the traditional 3D renderings.

Real time rendering

With the latest rendering technology, we dedicated in fine-tuning the materials, lights and shadow, our real-time 3D VR is optimized to be balanced in performace and visual quality, which can runs smoothly on a mid-range computer.

The FPS (frame per second) is crucial, a VR with higher FPS deliver smoother experience.

Our system runs on 60 FPS, the screenshots on this site is captured from our 3DVR which is rendered in 1/60th of a second, its quality is close to a still 3D rendering.

vs rendering

3DVR vs 720° panorama

360 limited spots.jpg

Walk anywhere with 3DVR

The viewing of 720° panorama is limited to a number of fixed spots.
It cannot be viewed after the panoramas are shoot, especially those spot where trees are obstacle the shooting, often makes it hard to take a clean shot.

3DVR is created with 3D models, no restricted area, no blind angle, whole construction site are view-able and open to the house buyer.

Smooth movement with 3DVR

The movement between two 720° panoramas is by jumping.
For instance, a spot in the living room and the other is in the bedroom, the house buyer jumps to bedroom after viewing living room. The discontinuous visual is impossible to generate the sense of space.

The movement in 3DVR is continuous, walking through the corridor from the living room To the room, the movement is completely smooth, allowing home buyers to fully experience the space.

​Save budget and save time

When taking indoor 720° photograph, it is necessary to build the physical sample house before shooting, which is impossible to save the cost of the construction.

When taking exterior 720° photograph, we have to wait till the building is built, it is not a time-effective choice.

With 3DVR, no physical construction cost is required, and no construction time to wait, the project is presented virtually, which saves money and saves time.

Interaction with furniture and textures


3DVR offers more interactive features, as well as audiovisual effects, which makes it more attractive than 720° panoramas.

vs panorama

Versatile hardware supported

From high-end computer

To mobile devices

Versatile plateform support.jpg


  • Best quality with high-end desktop

  • Available display output:

    • Monitor / touch screen

    • Single TV / Curved TV / TV arrays

    • Projector / multiple projector arrays

Hareware desktop


  • Intuitive interaction

  • Touch TV / monitor

Hardware touch screen


  • TV arrays

  • Multiple projector arrays

Haredware tv wall


  • Realtime VR in the pocket

  • Our VR system support:

    • High-end smartphone​

    • High-end laptop


  • Immersive with VR headset

  • Our system support all major VR headsets on the market:

    • HTC VIVE

    • Windows Mixed Reality

    • Oculus Rift

    • 3glasses

Hardware vr headset
Hardware phone
Presentation on the GO.jpg


  • Presentation on the GO

  • Whole sale office in a laptop

  • Demonstration anywhere, anytime

  • Best for overseas project selling

Hardware laptop


What you will get is a zipped file , which

  • Contains an executable file

  • Run on Windows 64 platform

  • Portable, run without installation.

  • License free, free to deploy on multiple computers.

  • Deliver via cloud.

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